Trust the Process: More than Checking a List

Price to Win is always an ongoing process, which undergoes many iterations before an actual proposal is ever delivered.  Richter & Company’s training courses are designed to give you the tools and templates you need to maximize the benefit of your competitive intelligence and price to win efforts.  Actionable intelligence is derived from following the process, while trusting the skills of your analysts to deliver quality results to your capture team. But it’s more than simply checking a list:  the process is designed to lay the foundation of your winning proposal. Plan work based on requirements.  Designate resources.  Can you

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The Framework of Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis can be a daunting task.  At Richter & Company, we believe strong, reliable processes build the foundation and framework for sound, defensible analysis.  Competitive analysis can be broken down into three parts: Business Intelligence forms the foundation of competitive intelligence.  It focuses on quantitative numbers, like financial metrics and number of units produced.  Business intelligence consists of solid, irrefutable data points that define a company. Competitor Intelligence lays out the framework for analysis.  It is made up of quantitative data (business intelligence) and qualitative data.  While quantitative data defines, qualitative data describes.  Capabilities (general and specific), relevant news

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New Year’s Resolutions for the Contracting Community

2015 means new opportunities.  Not just in terms of upcoming contracts, but within your organization as well.  Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of opportunity knocking: Use the No Bid.  There are far too many companies that feel like once they’ve invested B&P dollars, they must bid an opportunity.  Encourage your team to use discretion in walking away from a contract.  Gate reviews serve as great times to assess your company’s decision to pursue an opportunity.  If you don’t have a convincing story for winning, don’t waste your time. Invest In Your People.  A successful business

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An Ethical Culture of Gathering Intelligence: We Never Cross the Line

With conflict of interest issues as a growing concern within the federal contracting community, it’s important that your consultants don’t pollute your ethical processes.  With a shrinking number of federal procurements and budget dollars at play, it is critical that you play it safe in the realm of business ethics. More RFPs mention conflict of interest and more protests equate to more headaches and possible legal repercussions if you’re not careful. At Richter & Company, we never cross the line.  We don’t involve ourselves in your solutions, strategies or proposal processes.  We don’t access information you’ve collected, instead opting to

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Insy and Outsy

Building an effective in-house Price To Win practice No question, we live in trying economic times.  It’s bad enough that Federal budget cuts are the new reality; it’s worse when our elected officials can’t even pass a budget on time.  Forget fear and doubt; uncertainty is the big thorn in our collective paws. For most companies, severe belt tightening has been the response.  Benefits are cut; overhead is eliminated; general and administrative expenses are examined through microscopes; insourcing, not outsourcing, becomes the new norm. Can you build an effective internal price to win practice?  Absolutely – if you understand and

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Strategic versus Tactical Price to Win

Strategic Price to Win is used for the analysis of a broad market.  It is used to gain an in-depth understanding of the needs and desires of a customer, and how those needs are being met by competitors.  The results of a strategic Price to Win analysis enable you to identify underserved areas of the market, or measurable goals and objectives, and the high level plans for achieving them.

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