To avoid conflicts of interest,
we never cross the line.

Richter & Company’s policy and practice is simple. First, to avoid conflicts of interest we work on an exclusive basis; we support only one client on every opportunity. Everything that we do is externally focused. What that means to you is that we do not want to know anything about you, your solutions or your strategies.

This helps prevent a potential conflict of interest in the future. When clients ask for assistance that will expose us to their proprietary data or internal strategies, we refer that business to other companies whose work and ethics we trust. The net result: our clients get the support they need, without risk of improper disclosure of their invaluable data.

Richter & Company works with the following partner companies:

A trusted, global professional services firm focused on helping clients compete for and win business.

Help clients develop and execute tightly focused capture strategies designed to raise win probability.

Using the best experts in their fields to deliver targeted solutions for clients who want to grow.

Help customers win more and work less by focusing on three core capabilities; capture, proposal, coaching.

Wide-ranging experience with Government contracts – most specifically for scientific and high technology companies.

DC’s premier financial consulting firm for high-growth companies.