We help you understand what the competition believes is your strategy.

A White Hat Review is similar to a Black Hat Review; through facilitated discussion by informed participants, actionable information that improves your win probability is produced.  The difference is – a White Hat Review targets your capabilities and likely solution. Participants from outside your company use open-source data (which may be backed by results from an independent OutsideIntm analysis performed by Richter & Company staff) to emulate your competitors’ efforts to identify the likely solutions and strategies you will use. This helps you identify “holes in the fence” that allow competitors to gain knowledge you wish to obscure.

This services — backed by complementary Competitive Analysis and Price To Win support provided by experienced Richter & Company professionals – provide the competitive edge you need to succeed in today’s difficult market.

To see how White Hat Reviews from Richter & Company can help you win a specific opportunity, please contact us. We’ll provide you a prompt quote for our very affordable – and very effective – services.