We offer services that help you win and maximize performance.

Your success depends on accurate and actionable competitive intelligence. Richter & Company provides it, throughout the opportunity lifecycle. Market-based strategic research, opportunity-based tactical analyses – our results provide the information you need to win in today’s price-focused market.

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We use consistent processes backed by comprehensive and ethical research to assure accurate analyses.

Our standard methodology consistently provides accurate, actionable intelligence to our customers. Use of this process and its integrated tools assures efficient, high-value analyses. Our process is highly tailorable to meet the specific needs of individual opportunities and clients, while assuring quality. We treat every client project with equal rigor, regardless of duration or budget.

To avoid conflicts of interest, we never cross the line.

We also bring exceptional ethics to every engagement. Richter & Company’s policy and practice is simple. First, to avoid conflicts of interest we work on an exclusive basis; we support only one client on every opportunity. And when clients ask for assistance that will expose us to their proprietary data, we refer that business to other companies whose work and ethics we trust. The net result: our clients get the support they need, without risk of improper disclosure of their invaluable data.

Our core services utilize information gathered from non-proprietary “open sources” – that is, from sources that are generally available to the public. We comply with all applicable laws, in a manner consistent with the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals’ Code of Ethics and Richter & Company’s written policies.

Richter & Company’s services provide the competitive edge our clients need to compete – and grow – in today’s difficult market. To see how our work can help you win a specific opportunity, please contact us. We’ll provide you with a prompt quote for our very affordable, and very effective, services.