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Richter & Company laborRATER™ Product – How to estimate your competitor's fully burdened labor rates for a specific opportunity.

Want to know how your competitors develop labor costs on a specific contract vehicle? Richter & Company’s laborRATER™ product provides up-to-date labor cost and pricing data that can be used to beat your competitors on a specific opportunity.  The laborRATER™ is an opportunity-specific labor rate analysis focused on a single target and location. Developed using the same process as the wrapRATER™ and competiRATER™ products but includes additional Competitive Analysis.

The laborRATER™ product is intended to provide an estimate of a targeted company’s likely current wrap rates before fee in the context of a specific opportunity, combined with the fully burdened labor rates of a predefined set of labor categories. The laborRATER™ reflects an individual targeted competitor’s likely future rates and aggressiveness in the context of the requirements of the specific opportunity. Elements from our Analysis of the Customer and Competitive Field: Competitive Analysis and our Analysis of the Competitor Solutions and Pricing: Price To Win are utilized in the laborRATER™ to provide opportunity-specific competitive data.

The laborRATER™ focuses on labor categories defined in the opportunity’s solicitation documents to include education and years of experience.   A level of effort is not included in this product but is offered in our Analysis of the Competitor Solutions and Pricing: Price To Win service.  The base product includes up to 25 LCATs, but additional LCATs can be added at an additional price.

Richter & Company’s laborRATER™ results reflect our independent assessment of the targeted company.  To develop these models, we perform research in a manner that is compliant with all applicable laws, and is consistent with the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals’ Code of Ethics and the policies of both Richter & Company and our clients.  We use only non-proprietary information in our work, and fully comply with all non-disclosure agreements we have in place with our many clients.  We fully respect every company’s right to protect its proprietary information.