Competitive Analysis

As a competitive intelligence company, we offer news you can use to craft a compelling — and profitable — solution that beats the competition.

To successfully compete in today’s hyper competitive marketplace, you must understand two things about each specific opportunity:

The needs and desires of your customers.
The capabilities your competitors and their teams are likely to offer.

Richter & Company’s Competitive Analysis results provide an independent assessment of these factors based on our own research and extensive experience. We perform open-source research to augment prepositioned information in our extensive knowledge base to provide insights and information that increase your win probability and profit — news you can use, not fluff filling a binder.

Our goal is to challenge your assumptions by presenting an unbiased view of each opportunity, free from external and internal influence. In the process, we identify innovative ways to expand the “Win Zone”, moving the competition away from price alone.

Our Competitive Analysis work is most effectively performed early in the Opportunity Assessment phase of the standard Seven-Phase Business Development Process. This enables you to proactively position your capabilities with your customer, rather than react to requirements defined in the eventual RFP. However, useful information (including competitor strategies and their “price to win”) may still be obtained if the process is begun later in the development cycle.

Unlike other competitive intelligence firms, Richter & Company’s Competitive Analysis efforts are typically performed on an opportunity-exclusive, firm fixed price basis. This minimizes your risk – and maximizes your hard-won B&P dollars.

To see how we can help you win a specific opportunity, please contact us. We’ll provide you a prompt quote for our very affordable – and very effective – services.