OutsideIn™ Analysis

What do your competitors know about you – and how will that impact their solution?

Richter & Company’s OutsideIn Analysis is a unique service that focuses our standard competitive assessment process on a non-standard target: you. Through open source research, we identify how your competitors are likely to perceive your capabilities and solution. This helps you see what your competitors see, enabling development of innovative solutions.

chess pieces on a chess board

This service provides an independent assessment based on our own research and extensive experience. No proprietary information is gathered in this effort; we gather the same information that is already available to your competitors – but analyze it using our own sophisticated tools. We challenge your assumptions by presenting an unbiased view of your capabilities, free from internal influence.

An OutsideIn Analysis is most effectively performed early in an opportunity’s capture process. It is always performed in conjunction with an opportunity-specific Competitive Analysis. Richter & Company’s OutsideIn Analysis is performed on an opportunity-exclusive, firm fixed price basis.

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