Price To Win Analysis

We show you the Win Zone – the gap between customer needs and funding and competitor solutions and pricing.

When it comes to Price To Win Analysis, “Price To Win” is more than a number; it reflects the complex relationship between customer needs and budgets and bidder solutions and strategies. It represents a tradeoff between price and capability that forms the foundation for successful bid strategies. Determining the impact of these factors to define an opportunity’s Price To Win requires detailed analysis of customer needs, budgets and spending patterns, along with competitor solutions, strategies/tactics and aggressiveness. Richter & Company’s consistent process, innovative tools and experienced staff have helped customers win over $30 billion since 2006.

Price To Win Analysis is a bottom-up process based on the specific requirements defined in solicitation documents.

Richter & Company’s process blends comprehensive open-source data, defensible assumptions and experienced analysts to produce accurate results. It is most effectively started following release of preliminary solicitation documents, and finished following release of final documents.

Unlike other firms, Richter & Company’s Price To Win services are provided on an opportunity-exclusive, firm fixed price basis. This minimizes your risk – and maximizes your hard-won B&P dollars.

To see how we can help you win a specific opportunity, please contact us. We’ll provide you a prompt quote for our very affordable – and very effective – services.

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