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Provides an estimate of a targeted company's current wrap rate.

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Provides an estimate of a targeted company’s likely current wrap rates before fee in the context of a specific opportunity.

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Provides up-to-date labor cost and pricing data that can be used to beat your competitors on a given vehicle.

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We Help You WIN

Bid/No Bid

Develop a high-level assessment of an opportunity’s competitive landscape before you commit precious B&P resources on a pursuit decision or a Competitive Analysis.

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Competitive Analysis

As a competitive intelligence company, we offer news you can use to craft a compelling — and profitable — solution that beats the competition.

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Price To Win Analysis

Set your pricing strategy with Richter & Company's Price to Win Analysis, ensuring competitive bids with detailed analysis of customer needs and market trends.

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Price to Compete Analysis

Enhance your pricing strategy with Richter & Company's Price to Compete Analysis, leveraging historical data for higher win probabilities in federal contracts.

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Black Hat Reviews

A Black Hat Review is a facilitated discussion between individuals with knowledge of targeted competitors.

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OutsideIn™ Analysis

A unique service that focuses our standard competitive assessment process on a non-standard target: you.

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Strategic Analysis

Our effective market research helps you safely navigate the troubled waters of today's hyper-competitive marketplace.

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Funding Analysis

Unlock strategic insights with Richter & Company's Funding Analysis, focusing on budget trends and customer priorities for informed bid decisions.

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Useful knowledge shared by experienced professionals, backed by proven processes, assures consistent quality. Richter & Company offers a series of public seminars to help you win more business.

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