Bid/No Bid

Develop a high-level assessment of an opportunity’s competitive landscape before you commit precious B&P resources on a pursuit decision or a Competitive Analysis.

Richter & Company provides our Bid/No Bid service to help organizations determine whether or not to invest resources for a full bid, or perhaps a detailed Competitive Analysis in support of the bid. We understand that the decision to bid on an opportunity isn’t made all at once; it involves understanding not only your position in market, but your competitors’ positions as well.

The Bid/No Bid service is a high-level assessment into an opportunity that answers two key questions:

Who are my competitors?
What relevant capabilities do my competitors have?

From these questions, we can provided valuable information to help you determine whether a specific opportunity is right for your organization.

Some bids are simply not a good fit, and the time to understand your position is before you invest resources in a full Competitive Analysis. Our Bid/No Bid service helps you understand who the competition is and what they bring to the table, so you can decide if the opportunity is viable for your business. It’s also the perfect starting point for deciding if your business should proceed with a full Competitive Analysis.

Before businesses use significant resources in taking the step to enter the bid process, it’s helpful to understand if the opportunity makes the most sense for your capabilities, bandwidth, and budget. The first step in this process is using Bid/No Bid to find out where you stand before investing significant resources, time, and money in pursuing a bid that might not be a good fit for you. This product assists in making decisions before ordering a deeper, more detailed Competitive Assessment.

For organizations who choose to pursue a bid opportunity after engaging the Bid/No Bid service, we will deduct the cost of the Bid/No Bid service from the full Competitive Analysis that comes as the logical next step. When you choose the Bid/No Bid service, you lock us in and ensure that we will be working with you exclusively for that specific bid opportunity.

To see how we can help you win a specific opportunity, please contact us. We’ll provide you a prompt quote for our affordable – and very effective – services.

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