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Developing the Opportunity-Based Price To Win

“Price To Win” is more than a number; it reflects the complex relationship between customer needs and budgets and bidder solutions and strategies. It represents a tradeoff between price and capability that forms the foundation for successful bid strategies. It identifies the optimum position for your solution to improve your pWin. Determining the impact of the numerous factors to define an opportunity’s Price To Win requires detailed analysis of customer needs, budgets and spending patterns, along with competitor solutions, strategies/tactics and aggressiveness.


Developing the Opportunity-Based Price To Win is for anyone who develops capture strategies and solutions:  capture managers, cost/price estimators, pricing strategy developers and solution developers.  Attending this class will help you to properly assess a competitor’s likely pricing based on its technical approach, management approach and business strategy.


The objectives of this class include:

  • Defining “sources and methods” for required data
  • Identifying the relationship between customer-focused, competitor-focused and market intelligence
  • Determining the most effective times to perform PTW analyses
  • Understanding the differences between Funding-based (top-down) and Solution-based (bottom-up) PTW analyses
  • Developing and presenting defensible results
  • Integrating PTW results in solution development and capture

Developing the Opportunity-Based Price To Win is a one day, public environment class involving instruction and hands-on exercises.  During the class, participants will be able to interact on discussion topics and participate in exercises to reinforce the processes and templates introduced in the instruction.  Each student will receive electronic copies of all the templates and tools that we present in the class.  These reusable templates and guidelines are provided for your future use and modification in the development of effective Competitive Intelligence analyses.

This class is also offered as a private Onsite Training session tailored to the specific needs of your organization.  For more information, please contact us at training@richterandcompany.com or 301-845-7300.