Price to Compete Analysis

Early identification of the Win Zone enables efficient solution development.

Competition in today’s Federal marketplace is fierce, and getting fiercer. Government desire to reduce cost means increased pressure on contractors to reduce overhead. Fewer major procurements means greater competition on the ones which remain, resulting in greater pressure on price. Shrinking budget dollars and Government demands for increased efficiency will increase pressure even more. To be successful, bidders need a competitive edge.

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Price To Compete Analysis is a top-down process based on the general requirements identified by the customer and capture team early in an opportunity’s life cycle. Price To Compete Analysis uses historical data to target the price point offering the highest win probability. Price To Compete results allow performance of Design To Cost and other planning efforts to enable effective solution design. This minimizes stress – and prevents the unwelcome surprises that are too-often part of capture efforts.

Unlike other firms, Richter & Company’s Price To Compete services are provided on an opportunity-exclusive, firm fixed price basis. This minimizes your risk – and maximizes your hard-won B&P dollars.

To see how we can help you win a specific opportunity, please contact us. We’ll provide you a prompt quote for our very affordable – and very effective – services.

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