In today’s Federal marketplace, anyone can compete for business and win – at least some of the time.

But every opportunity pursued carries a cost in time, in staffing, and in bid & proposal funds. Wasting these resources on programs you cannot – or worse, should not – win makes no business sense. How do you succeed in today’s ever-more competitive marketplace?

Richter & Company helps you win. Early in the business acquisition process, we offer strategic services to help you identify the markets that fit your core capabilities. As your capture efforts progress, we provide actionable intelligence about your customer and the competitive field to help you shape the opportunity. We identify and price competitor solutions based on objective RFP criteria to help you define counter-strategies, strengthen your bid, and improve win probability. In the process, we challenge your assumptions by presenting an unbiased view of each opportunity, free from external and internal influence.

Richter & Company was founded in 2006 as a Limited Liability Company registered in the State of Maryland, self-certified as a Small Business. Our owner, staff and trusted consultants are US Citizens who are capable of responding to support requests across multiple disciplines in both unclassified and classified environments.

Since 2006, we have helped our clients win more than $30 Billion in new business using our proven methodology and comprehensive tools. To see how our work can help you win, please contact us. We’ll provide you a prompt quote for our very affordable – and very effective – services.

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