We help you think like the competition to identify their strategies.

At its simplest, a Black Hat Review is a facilitated discussion between individuals with knowledge of targeted competitors. Participants are grouped into small teams, which emulate these competitors, developing the strategies, differentiators and discriminators each is likely to propose — and how each will ghost the weaknesses and mitigate the strengths of your own company’s solution. The result: actionable intelligence to help you win.

Successful Black Hat Reviews require several key elements:

  • Knowledgeable participants – team members and/or external consultants

Prior to performance, Richter & Company helps you identify the right participants for an effective review, and can provide support from subject matter experts to fill out the team as needed.

  • Accurate open source data

We use data from our Competitive Analysis research to augment information known by participants to provide a solid basis for development of effective results.

  • Skilled facilitators that encourage discussion and produce results.

Experienced Richter & Company leaders rely on a proven process to produce effective results – including specific action items that can be used by your capture team to improve their solution.

This service — backed by complementary Competitive Analysis and Price To Win support provided by experienced Richter & Company professionals – provides the competitive edge you need to succeed in today’s difficult market.

To see how Black Hat Reviews from Richter & Company can help you win a specific opportunity, please contact us. We’ll provide you a prompt quote for our very affordable – and very effective – services.