two men discussing competitive analysis over conference table

Competitive Analysis for the Government Contracting Market

As a small business owner, you already know that—when it comes to navigating the federal contracting arena—knowledge is power

Throwing your hat in the ring when an intriguing opportunity comes your way is always tempting. But before you make a decision whether or not to bid, or when the time comes to begin building your proposal, there’s a few things you really need to know.

Do you know and understand who’s bidding against you? Do you have any information about them? Are they the incumbent on this bid, or is this their first attempt to capture the attention of the agency? What do you know about your competitors’ past performance? What about their historical, statistical, demographic and cost data? Do you know anything about each competitor’s physical operations and human resources’ profiles?

If you don’t, you really should.

How do you find out this information? How do you build on it and create actionable insight that will inform your decision? Hundreds of small businesses have relied on the knowledge Richter & Company has been able to provide them through their proven competitive analysis service. 

Far more than a quick Google-search or cursory website review, Richter’s competitive analysis is a thorough, comprehensive strategy that involves researching your competitors to gain insight into their products, sales, and marketing tactics. Our approach provides you with vital information on who else is bidding on a particular contract and assists you in developing a model of each competitor’s likely solution, personnel qualifications, and past performance. At Richter & Company, we perform open-source research to augment the extensive knowledge we already have to move your small business into the Win Zone.

A competitive analysis strategy is only as good as the professionals who drive the effort. Richter & Company relies on two extremely perceptive and experienced Competitive Analysts whose skill and expertise has given many clients a winning edge.

Jenny Doyle brings to her position a degree in law and years of experience on the claims and compliance side of the insurance industry. She has developed an eye for detail and a talent for “connecting the dots” —a combination of education and experience that combines to make her an excellent researcher and a valuable contributor to the company’s clients as they pursue government contracting business opportunities. 

“The research aspect is my favorite aspect of my job,” says Doyle. “I like the opportunity to do a deep dive into a concept or issue, and combine and summarize the information I find so it becomes an effective tool for our clients as they decide if and/or how to move forward with bidding on a government contract. It’s important for small businesses to understand that we don’t provide a cursory look at their competition. The Competitive Analysis we offer is based on the particulars of each situation– and do a very in-depth investigation and analysis.”

Adam Stormer is also a well-respected member of Richter’s Competitive Analysis team. Although his background differs from Doyle’s, his combination of experience and education also make him an invaluable partner for small business owners seeking purchase in the federal marketplace.

“I did my undergrad work in Cybersecurity at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh,” he says. “Then I went on to Mercyhurst University where I earned my master’s degree in Applied Intelligence. Applied Intelligence is a relatively new area that uses analytics to extract actionable insights from the vast amounts of data that exist in organizations today. When discovered early enough, these insights can help identify and forecast behavior and trends—information that Richter & Company has found to be really useful for our clients.”

At Richter & Company, we understand that contract proposal preparation is costly and time-consuming. Working with an experienced partner like Richter will give you access to an experienced and savvy Competitive Analysis team who can help you craft a compelling and profitable solution that beats the competition. information you can use connect you with professional Competitive Analysts like Jenny Doyle and Adam Stormer who can help you formulate a win strategy.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you win a specific opportunity? Get in touch today for a prompt quote on our very affordable—and extremely effective—service.