Small Details Make a Big Impact

My name is Ryanne. Pronounced “Ryan” but often said “Ry-ANNE” or on the rare occasion, “Re-ANNE.” When I meet someone for the first time, they typically pronounce my name like either of the latter, and with a mild correction, they usually remember for the future. It doesn’t matter what position you are in or what field you work; it’s simple – the little details matter! Take it from someone whose name that is pronounced wrong about 80% of the time, those itty bitty details – they’re kind of important.

I recently discussed with a colleague who is currently in a position of hiring someone. She mentioned that she received a resume and the corresponding questionnaire that not only had one typo but a handful on the resume as well as the applicant’s questionnaire. She didn’t call the said applicant to schedule an interview. A typo is something that at the time seems like a small thing; it’s not. Some people may overlook it as a common mistake. Others, may qualify it as defining quality, and it could lead them to draw the wrong conclusions about not only you but your company.

I am an office manager. Some days rely on focusing on those tiny, little details. Whether I am planning for an event, booking travel for one of my coworkers or reviewing a proposal; it is essential I pay attention to not only the significant details but the minuscule ones that if you look at it too quickly, you will miss it. If I overhear one of my coworkers talk about how he hates flying, am I going to book him a middle seat on his upcoming flight? Of course not! If I need 250 copies of one of our informational flyers for an upcoming event, there is a big difference between, 25, 250 and 2500. Whether you’re reading, writing or listening being conscientious of every single thing, no matter the level of importance, will differentiate you from the rest!

You must pay attention to the details! If you’re writing a proposal, double check you have all the components you need! Sending out sales emails? Make sure you’re addressing the person correctly! Those small details are what differentiate your work from being average to exceptional. You must pay attention! Your boss, a business partner or a client of yours will notice when you focus on the little details as much as the big ones.