Market Trends: All About Efficiency

In every realm of the marketplace, the Federal Government is looking to be more efficient and save dollars where possible.

In the service industry, efficiency looks like less people doing more.  Lower FTE counts, higher expectations for productivity.  Strategic use of less experienced workers where possible and reduction in fringe benefits decreases overall cost to the government.

In the product industry, efficiency takes many forms.  In 2012, the Federal government mandated that all agencies move three services to the cloud by May 2012, to improve server utilization 60 to 70 percent.  SWaP initiatives across the armed forces mean reduced power consumption.  Plug and play initiatives across the product industry have assured that as technology becomes increasingly commoditized, the government keeps its options open for low cost solutions.

In the age of attempted government transparency, efficiency reigns supreme in federal contracting.  It’s no longer just the Government Accountability Office, but every taxpayer with an internet connection,  who is eager to hold the government responsible for every dollar it spends.