Small Business, Big Results

Small businesses are having big impacts in the federal marketplace. Over the past few years, the government has put greater emphasis on small business, dedicating at least 23% of federal contract award dollars to small business. Government evaluation weightings for small business participation are seeing an increase, and in many cases, entire contracts are going small business set aside.

Small wonder. Marie Johns, deputy administrator of the US Small Business Administration, recently said that two out of three American jobs are created by small businesses. National headlines tout the creativity and innovation that small business offers. Small businesses with a unique niche in the right marketplace will undoubtedly be successful.
But if you ask your average small business about what services they offer in the federal sector, many of them respond, “IT. And intelligence.” So do a thousand other companies. What makes yours any different? “We have good people.” So do a thousand other companies. In a hypercompetitive market, this kind of lackluster presentation is likely to get you ignored completely. It’s not enough to be a small business; you must differentiate your business from your competitors.
Mid-tier companies are merging together to compete with large business, and the government is opening doors for small businesses to compete. It’s time for small businesses to shine. Be prepared for the competition.
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