The Pitfalls of Aimless Shopping

A week from Friday, people will wake up too early from their beds, bleary eyed and still full of too much tryptophan, to race to their cars for a few dollars in their pockets.  And that’s just with the latest DoD RFP release, let alone Black Friday shopping.

Here’s some advice for, well, either situation.

Make a Plan.  Be involved early.  Get to know your marketplace.  Get a hold of as much documentation as possible.  In the federal space, this means talking to your customer.  Influencing how the final RFP will look when it finally comes out, which is six months plus after the government told you it would be.  In the shopping space, save those ads.

Save Your Time and Energy for The Accessible Stuff.  B&P dollars, like all wallets, have limitations.  Invest in programs you can and should win.  Don’t put your hat in the ring for every program “just because.”  Make sure the programs you’re bidding are programs you can and should win.

Don’t Show Up Last Minute and Expect to Win Big.  If you show up after the stampedes of better seasoned people, don’t expect to win big.  Be it a big screen television, or a sole source contract, if you show up late, you might as well not show up at all.

Go With a Trusted Partner.  Not with someone who will steal the goods out from under you.  You worked hard for that win.  In the federal space, Richter & Company can help you win.  Since 2006, we’ve helped our clients win more than $30 B in government contracts.  And we’ll be happy to help you again this holiday season.  Contact us for more information on winning business.