An Ethical Culture of Gathering Intelligence: We Never Cross the Line

With conflict of interest issues as a growing concern within the federal contracting community, it’s important that your consultants don’t pollute your ethical processes.  With a shrinking number of federal procurements and budget dollars at play, it is critical that you play it safe in the realm of business ethics.

More RFPs mention conflict of interest and more protests equate to more headaches and possible legal repercussions if you’re not careful.

At Richter & Company, we never cross the line.  We don’t involve ourselves in your solutions, strategies or proposal processes.  We don’t access information you’ve collected, instead opting to use open source, publicly available information for all of our projects so that we’re never at risk for reusing or recycling proprietary company information.  And we work on an opportunity exclusive basis, supporting only one client per program, so there’s no risk of overlap and no need to firewall information for a specific program.

Richter & Company offers a variety of services:  competitive analysis, price to win and training courses.  But none that put us in a position of ethical uncertainty.  Instead, we’ve paired with a consortium of consultants who can help meet all of your business development needs.  Contact Richter & Company for more information regarding our services to help you win more business.