KITs and KIQs: Shaping the Process

Key Important Topics (KITs) and Key Important Questions (KIQs) are essential to shaping the context of research for your competitive intelligence and Price to Win efforts.

When researching a program, it’s important to narrow the focus of what you’re looking for.  What topics need to be addressed?  What questions does your team need answered?  The “team” includes members of your business development, capture, solution development and pricing teams.

The questions should be designed to provide actionable intelligence.  Who needs to be addressed in the proposal?  What solutions is the government predisposed toward?  What trends have been affecting their buying?  Distributing these topics and questions keeps your team focused on information that matters the most to your proposal efforts.

The Richter & Company team brings a set of standard KIQs to each research effort, but also includes specific questions provided from the team to ensure that the team is prepared to address the government.  For more information on helping your team win, contact Richter & Company today.