Richter & Company Announces Chris Richter as President

With 10+ years of proven experience in business development and technical and analytical support within the public and private sectors, we are proud to announce that our own Chris Richter has assumed the role of President of Richter & Company.

When asked about his new role, Chris commented: “I am excited to start my new role as President of Richter & Company. Having the ability to be an integral part of growing the company from the ground up, I’m excited to take it to the next level.”

Chris was recently interviewed with a set of ten questions to help define his approach and personality within the organization.  Take a moment to learn more about Chris within his new role as President:

What made you want to initially work at Richter & Company?

In 2007, Randy Richter (my father and company Chairman) approached me to help provide some research and marketing support. We decided to do a week of marketing to the top 20 programs that year and as a result of those efforts, landed a few new clients. Those clients fueled our growth over the next several years and I knew this type of work was clearly something I felt strongly about and could excel within.

What aspect about your job do you really enjoy?

One of the best parts of working at Richter & Company is the breadth of programs we get to support.  In a single year we may do everything from building tactical vehicles, surface ships, aircraft, healthcare IT, or intel analysis.

What is one thing people might not know about you?

My favorite movie growing up was Top Gun. I think I’ve watched it over a hundred times. My nickname was “Goose” when I was younger and the scene of Tom Cruise on his Honda sport bike led me to buying my first motorcycle in college.

What is one thing people don’t know about Richter that you think they would find surprising or interesting?

Full-time staff does almost all of our work. We are not a “body shop” using 1099’s. We hire the best people in the industry to provide premier value to our customers.

What is the most unique experience you’ve had at Richter during your time at the company?

Honestly, it is challenging to pick only one.  I think the most unique experience was during my first presentation of a competitive analysis. The plan was to present to the capture manager and the proposal manager, but when we arrived to present the briefing, it was the entire executive board. Talk about jumping in with both feet! The good news is that I was able to provide them with information they needed, and Richter & Company was proud to help them to secure their bid.

What is your background? Ex: where are you originally from, where did you go to school, etc.?

I was born in Ithaca, NY and moved to Maryland when I was 5.  I went to school in Virginia and eventually ended up back in Maryland.

What is your favorite pastime?

I grew up playing lacrosse – in fact, my father and I helped really grow the sport within Western Maryland. However, two years ago, I ruptured my Achilles in a Master’s lacrosse game. Having a strong competitive nature, I needed to do something. I was introduced to competitive pistol shooting shortly after my surgery and actually shot my first 12 matches wearing a boot to protect my newly repaired Achilles.

Have you travelled a lot? Where to? What was your favorite place, and what’s the next place on your list?

I’ve traveled to most of the US, the Bahamas and Bermuda, but my favorite vacation was in Costa Rica. The rainforest was amazing, and the people have such a relaxed attitude. Next will be somewhere else tropical, and eventually I want to make it to Europe and the Far East.

What is currently on your Netflix list?

Lost in Space, The Defenders, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and of course, Stranger Things.

Do you have any bucket list items? Ex: skydiving, learning to play an instrument, etc.?

I will say that I’ve done most of my bucket list items. I’ve been skydiving, both tandem and solo, I’ve ridden a motorcycle at 199 mph (I couldn’t turn my wrist that last fraction to break 200 mph), I learned how to ride horses and to shoot pistols and rifles. I think the few things that remain are to make Grand Master in USPSA and to visit Europe.

So there you have it, straight from the man himself! That’s all for this month’s news here at Richter. Stay tuned here to our blog for more industry news and information, including introductions to more of our team here at Richter & Company!