Richter & Company Employee Spotlight: Avantika Singh

With over 15 years of experience in the government contracting industry as a seasoned pricing strategist, Avantika Singh has a deep focus and understanding of bidding methodologies, pricing tools and techniques, and possesses in-depth experience on cost/price development and analysis.

Prior to joining Richter & Company, Ms. Singh was the VP of Pricing Strategy & Solutions at The McKelvey Group. She has also worked as a Financial Analyst and Project Control Analyst at several government contracting companies, providing thought leadership and valuable financial analysis to help sustain and increase growth.

We are thrilled to have Avantika on the Richter team and we wanted to take the time to further introduce her to you with the following set of ten questions. With that being said, we hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about her!

What made you want to get into Pricing & Strategy?

I have always enjoyed honing new skills and I am looking forward to bringing value to this industry from my past knowledge and experience.

What aspect about your job do you really enjoy?

I enjoy analytical reasoning and estimating, which ties in so well to my role here at Richter.

What is one thing people might not know about you?

I actually minored in Astronomy during my undergraduate career. Finance was my major, but I also enjoy astronomy.

What is one thing people don’t know about Richter that you think they would find surprising or interesting?

The extremely high level of analysis and capability this firm brings to the industry, especially for being a small family-run group.

What is the most unique experience you’ve had at Richter during your time at the company?

I’m too new for this one, but I’m sure to have some stories, soon! Haha!

What is your background? Ex: where are you originally from, where did you go to school, etc.?

I was a Finance major in my undergraduate studies, then I completed my MBA.  Following that, I worked around the beltway for pretty much all sizes of companies, starting with IBM, Siemens’ and L3.

What is your favorite pastime?

I enjoy the outdoors – specifically going hiking. When indoors, I enjoy watching Bravo

Have you travelled a lot? Where to? What was your favorite place and what’s the next place on your list?

Yes, I love, love, love to travel! My favorite place is probably South Africa or Costa Rica. My next dream vacation would be to Mt. Kili in Tanzania, or maybe New Zealand.

What is currently on your Netflix list? 

The Crown.

Do you have any bucket list items? Ex: skydiving, learning to play an instrument, etc.

Skydiving is on my bucket list, as well as living abroad for maybe a year at a time in a new country, once I retire!

So there you have it, straight from Avantika! That’s all for this month’s Employee Spotlight. Stay tuned here to our blog for more industry news and information, including introductions to more of our team here at Richter & Company!