But, What About Us? The Importance of Self Assessment in the Federal Contracting World

Your proposal team dutifully takes on the business development process for most projects.  But as B&P dollars are cut in an uncertain Federal climate, your team has taken to cutting corners where they can.  Your team’s morale has taken a hit, and is struggling to come up with creative solutions to respond to RFPs where “best value” increasingly means lowest cost.

In today’s hypercompetitive market though, there are a number of dark horses.  Companies are more and more creative, and aggressive, in their strategies to win more business.  So what if you assessed a program from a different angle?  What if you focused on how your competitors see you?

Richter & Company’s core services of Competitive Analysis and Price to Win focus on looking at our customer’s competition.  Generally, a Competitive Analysis looks at all companies competing for a specific opportunity.  Then, for our Price to Win analysis we focus on three targets for our customer, building wrap rates and likely strategies, before evaluating a final total evaluated price (TEP).

But Richter & Company’s OutsideIn™ analysis focuses on you as the competitor.  We identify how your competitors are likely to perceive your capabilities and solutions.  We use open source, non-proprietary data, as in our other analyses.  Our analysts offer an unbiased view of your capabilities, free from the influence of your corporate management.

Looking for a competitive edge?  Contact us today for more information on our OutsideIn™ analysis.