A Process of People

The process of government acquisition is designed to be as objective as possible.  But it’s important to remember that the people issuing government requirements and awarding government contracts are just people.

At Richter & Company, we’ve seen some poorly written RFPs lately.   The acquisition force is facing a wave of retirements, meaning there are some inexperienced acquisition personnel trying to put together cohesive RFPs for the first time.  Often, the people writing the requirements aren’t the end users, so there’s disconnect between what the government is saying it wants, and what it actually wants.  No matter.  It’s important to try to get as many questions as possible responded to before the RFP is actually issued.  After that, answer the mail.  Talk about what the Government needs and how you will respond, while responding to what’s written.  And, it might not be a bad idea to prepare for a protest.

The selection of an awardee is a highly human process as well.  Identify the source selection board you’re proposing work for.  Speak to and respond to their desires.  Prove the benefit of your solution in a concise, compliant and compelling proposal.  Address areas where your proposal carries risk.  And ghost your competitors by highlighting your strengths in areas you know they have weakness.  Offer low cost!  No contracting shop has ever gotten in trouble by awarding the lowest offer.

Richter & Company and our trusted partners can help you address the people behind government acquisitions.  Contact us for more information regarding our services to help you win.