“History is Not an Exact Predictor” The Value of Evaluating Trends

Historical data is important.  At Richter & Company, the last step of our business process is to capture information regarding a program:   strengths and weaknesses for each competitor’s team; feedback from the customer; award and protest information for the contract, in our database.

The information is crucial as reference points for company bidding tendencies and strategies, as well as for Government buying tendencies.  It allows us to look at trends and how they evolve over time.

But in the current hypercompetitive landscape, history is not the most accurate predictor of future strategy.  Be cautious of feeling like you’re untouchable, like you’ve “seen it all.”  With government stand-offs, and the effects of sequestration still not in full effect, Federal contracting is an interesting realm.  Companies are getting creative in their solutions; new strategies are bringing prices down and changing the meaning of “best value.”

Let Richter & Company help you win.  Our analysts are seasoned experts, whose understanding of historical trends along with a commitment to seeking out information regarding the changing world of contracting, provide you with an independent assessment of the competitive landscape.  Contact us for more information regarding our full scope of services.