Price to Win, the Position

Many people view “Price to Win” as a specific number.  They think of Price to Win as some sort of magic figure that will allow them to win the contract, without consideration to any other detail.  Too often, when we present our Price to Win analysis, we hear, “Well, that’s the number we have to come up with.”

But at Richter & Company, we describe Price to Win as a position, not a number.  The more value you provide to the Government by addressing the things they care about, the greater the cost can be.  Lower value, lower cost.  It’s a price tradeoff that every source selection board considers in a “best value” contract.

During Richter & Company’s analysis, our team of experienced consultants develops the likely solution and pricing for your competitors.  Our Competitive Analysis services provide the solutions your competitors are likely to come up with.  Then, Richter & Company delivers the Total Evaluated Price (TEP) as part of our Price to Win services.  This TEP includes corporate strategies and management aggressiveness, cost pool structures and researched sources for both labor and product.

Together, the two services provide you with a complete understanding of your competitors’ offerings.  That way, your team has a better idea of the position you need to take to offer to win more business.