The Fear of Sequestration

Despite the fact that sequestration was set up as a “worst case scenario” incentive to encourage politicians of all walks to actually get along, March 1st marked the date of the deadline and the start of automatic “across the board” budget cuts.  The $85 billion in cuts make up about three percent of the Federal budget.

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Big deal.

Politicians and economists both view sequestration as a bad idea; they believe the three percent “across the board” cuts are bad news for a recovering economy.  Rather than focusing on non-essential areas of the budget that could be cut, sequester endangers offices where spending is already tight.

And because of the lack of compromise, and the lack of intelligence politicians have demonstrated to date, fear and uncertainty run rampant in the federal marketplace.

Contracting offices, unsure of what budget cuts mean to them exactly, put RFPs on hold.  Federal contractors, unsure of whether their contracts will be renewed, keep their employees holding their breath.  Preemptive layoffs and government furloughs have the whole nation fearful.

At Richter & Company, we’re riding out the storm.  RFPs will be released in full force soon, and those companies that are preparing will fare well.  Now is the time to be sharpening your business processes and creating strategies for early positioning.

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