Knowing Your Customer

Companies often assume that the end user for a specific opportunity is the customer. But the customers, the people you’re looking to impress, are actually the evaluators of your proposal.

The more you know about your proposal’s customer, the more effective the solution you offer. Who are your evaluators? What are their backgrounds, and what keeps them up at night? Ultimately, evaluators are human. The definition of “deficiencies, strengths and weaknesses” varies based on their biases, knowledge and experience. What do they value that you can offer?

If you know what your evaluators are looking for, you can provide value, even in a “low price, technically acceptable” realm by speaking to their desires. If your evaluator comes from a leading energy conservation firm, include initiatives that speak to “green” nature of your solution. If your evaluator loves the color blue, make your widgets blue.

But be conscious of cost, especially in the current market. Include proactive processes and team reviews to avoid “gold plating” your solution. Hire outside consultants, like Richter & Company, to gain insight as to who your evaluators are, and the hot buttons they’re truly concerned about– those things outside the scope of the RFP requirements. Our competitive analysis services can help you really shape your proposal to speak to your true “customers.”