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My Grown Up (Federal Contracting) Christmas List

Dear Santa, I’ve been thinking about my Christmas list for quite a while now. I’ve had time to since the Government has had all of my programs on hold for the last few months. The world of contracting just isn’t the same as it used to be. So this year, I’d really appreciate. . . For the Government to take initiative in standardizing systems. Every agency seems to be working with different systems and different standards. The vast inefficiencies are overwhelming. Although some programs have been proposed to consolidate data centers, share information across agencies and move toward standardized systems across agencies, there really hasn’t been “buy in” from the Government to make them actually happen. Sure, these programs will cost a considerable amount of money up front, but the payoff would be amazing in terms of dollars and information retention and sharing. They’re well worth the investment. But in order for that to happen, I’d love to see. . . For both parties to work together so that our Government actually functions successfully. As much fun as a continuing resolution is, it’s meant minimal stability to the acquisition world since 2009. If both Democrats and Republicans could come together to approve an actual budget, there would be a lot more confidence out there. For both contracting personnel and contractors. And on that note, it really would be fantastic. . . For the “fiscal cliff” to be avoided. The stalemate thing is getting old. Going back and forth for months, and putting industry on their toes to the point of pink slips and layoffs, is not a great way to run the business that is the Federal Government. There needs to be some agreement on what the priorities of the Government are, and where cuts will come from. How about some compromise for the good of your fellow man? Seems to be the season for such stuff.There’s so much more I could put here. But I know you’re in a hurry- finishing up the toys for the kiddies, and getting ready for your colossal trip. Good luck, old friend. Until next year,   The Contracting Community