Success Means Knowing When to Fold

Texas Hold ‘em is a game of skill.  Over the years, successful players like David Sklansky, have developed complex algorithms to guide their decision making when a particular hand is dealt.  This mathematical approach helps improve their win probability – but it’s not the total answer.  What does the raise from the player past the big blind position mean?  Why did the person across from me scratch her head before bumping the bet again?  What do I do now? Winning players understand that “bankroll management” is every bit as important as being able to remember the cards that have been

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The Price/Capability Tradeoff

Fact: every capability you offer has an associated cost, and generally the more you offer, the more it costs.  So understanding what the customer needs – and what the customer wants – is crucial to defining a winning solution. In our world, an RFP defines the customer’s minimum set of requirements.  These requirements are explicit – they’re in black and white, and known to all bidders.  There’s a general term for a bidder that offers a solution that does not meet these minimal requirements: loser. On the other hand, customers typically hope for – most of us would say “demand”

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Richter & Company and The McKelvey Group Create Pricing Partnership

Frederick, MD – August 24, 2016 – Richter & Company and The McKelvey Group (TMG) today announced a strategic partnership focused on improving client win rates in today’s uber-competitive government contracting environment. Under this alliance: • Richter & Company will offer externally-focused Competitive Analysis and Price To Win services to help clients identify an opportunity’s unique price to win position – the combination of solution and price needed to achieve a win over other competitors. • TMG will offer internally-focused pricing strategy services to help clients develop and price the winning solutions that achieve the Price To Win position and

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Richter & Company Continues Race To Top through Acquisition of Aerospace Analytics LLC

Frederick, MD – August 10, 2016 – Richter & Company LLC, a leading provider of Competitive Intelligence and Price To Win support services, announced today that it has acquired the assets of market research firm Aerospace Analytics LLC. The acquisition adds three new services to Richter & Company’s existing portfolio: • Strategic Market Analysis and Consulting • Development of Syndicated U.S. and International Market Analysis Reports • Corporate-level Go-to-Market Planning and Team Development Initial offerings will focus on the worldwide defense aerospace market, reflecting the 20+ years of experience of Aerospace Analytics’ founder, Katrina Jones. “Over the years, we’ve worked

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