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Insy and Outsy

Building an effective in-house Price To Win practice

No question, we live in trying economic times.  It’s bad enough that Federal budget cuts are the new reality; it’s worse when our elected officials can’t even pass a budget on time.  Forget fear and doubt; uncertainty is the big thorn in our collective paws.

For most companies, severe belt tightening has been the response.  Benefits are cut; overhead is eliminated; general and administrative expenses are examined through microscopes; insourcing, not outsourcing, becomes the new norm.

Can you build an effective internal price to win practice?  Absolutely – if you understand and accept both the benefits and the costs. Here are a few observations from many years of practice…  Continue reading Insy and Outsy

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My Grown Up (Federal Contracting) Christmas List

Dear Santa,

I’ve been thinking about my Christmas list for quite a while now. I’ve had time to since the Government has had all of my programs on hold for the last few months. The world of contracting just isn’t the same as it used to be. So this year, I’d really appreciate. . . Continue reading My Grown Up (Federal Contracting) Christmas List

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Strategic versus Tactical Price to Win

Strategic Price to Win is used for the analysis of a broad market.  It is used to gain an in-depth understanding of the needs and desires of a customer, and how those needs are being met by competitors.  The results of a strategic Price to Win analysis enable you to identify underserved areas of the market, or measurable goals and objectives, and the high level plans for achieving them. Continue reading Strategic versus Tactical Price to Win
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A Winning Proposal: Write with Confidence!

In order to write a wining proposal, you must present a convincing argument.  Richter & Company always encourages writing a concise, compliant and compelling proposal as part of our recommendations to improve probability of Win.  You must tell the story of your superior technical ability and aggressive costing to win in the hyper-competitive federal market. Continue reading A Winning Proposal: Write with Confidence!

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Small Business, Big Results

Small businesses are having big impacts in the federal marketplace. Over the past few years, the government has put greater emphasis on small business, dedicating at least 23% of federal contract award dollars to small business. Government evaluation weightings for small business participation are seeing an increase, and in many cases, entire contracts are going small business set aside. Continue reading Small Business, Big Results