My name is Ryanne. Pronounced “Ryan” but often said “Ry-ANNE” or on the rare occasion, “Re-ANNE.” When I meet someone for the first time, they typically pronounce my name like either of the latter, and with a mild correction, they usually remember for the future. It doesn’t matter what position you are in or what […]


Remember the line from the ending of “Back to the Future,” when Doc Brown hops out of the DeLorean (with its surprising 2015 updates), and begins digging through Marty’s trash can? “I NEED FUEL!” he exclaims as he prepares to drop a banana peel and a half-used can of soda into Mr. Fusion. This obscure […]


govmates, a free teaming/matchmaking platform for government contractors hosted their first Patriot Institute of Procurement on June 6, 2018 at GDIT’s facility in northern Virginia. With a maxed out capacity, a speaker list full of industry experts, and plenty of snacks, caffeine, and beer – I was super excited for this event and we at […]


We all know the traditional acquisition types used in federal contracting – Full & Open competition, small business set-asides, sole source, etc. However, you’ve probably only just started hearing about OTAs and have been left scratching your head. We’ve been hearing more and more about this mysterious acquisition process that provides an alternative to traditional […]

We are pleased to introduce to you some of the newest and most powerful solutions here at Richter and Company - our competitive analysis tool, competiRATER, as well as our Price To Win Tools, laborRATER & wrapRATER. While these new products use elements of our traditional services, they intuitively analyze general capabilities and solutions in [...]

With over 15 years of experience in the government contracting industry as a seasoned pricing strategist, Avantika Singh has a deep focus and understanding of bidding methodologies, pricing tools and techniques, and possesses in-depth experience on cost/price development and analysis. Prior to joining Richter & Company, Ms. Singh was the VP of Pricing Strategy & [...]

With 10+ years of proven experience in business development and technical and analytical support within the public and private sectors, we are proud to announce that our own Chris Richter has assumed the role of President of Richter & Company. When asked about his new role, Chris commented: "I am excited to start my new [...]


I was sitting at dinner with my wife and daughter and as I looked around the restaurant I noticed something. Almost everyone in the restaurant was more engaged with their phone than the person sitting next to or in front of them. In today’s technology-driven lifestyle, it’s become easy do everything remotely. I can see […]


Texas Hold ’em is a game of skill. Over the years, successful players like David Sklansky, have developed complex algorithms to guide their decision making when a particular hand is dealt. This mathematical approach helps improve their win probability – but it’s not the total answer.


Fact: every capability you offer has an associated cost, and generally the more you offer, the more it costs.  So understanding what the customer needs – and what the customer wants – is crucial to defining a winning solution. In our world, an RFP defines the customer’s minimum set of requirements.  These requirements are explicit […]