At Richter & Company, we don’t believe in fly-over “pigeon” management.  You know the kind — a member of management staff enters the room clueless, sprays less than welcome “stuff” in your direction that changes the course of your project, and moves on to the next unsuspecting crowd. In order to prevent this kind of […]


Historical data is important.  At Richter & Company, the last step of our business process is to capture information regarding a program:   strengths and weaknesses for each competitor’s team; feedback from the customer; award and protest information for the contract, in our database. The information is crucial as reference points for company bidding tendencies and […]


The process of government acquisition is designed to be as objective as possible.  But it’s important to remember that the people issuing government requirements and awarding government contracts are just people. At Richter & Company, we’ve seen some poorly written RFPs lately.   The acquisition force is facing a wave of retirements, meaning there are some […]


With sequestration as an ongoing threat to the federal contracting community, more companies are getting more creative in their strategies. At Richter & Company, we believe that Price = Cost + Strategy.  Overall business strategy is the biggest driver in making business decisions, and the biggest factor in determining the ultimate price to win.  Not cost […]


Your proposal team dutifully takes on the business development process for most projects.  But as B&P dollars are cut in an uncertain Federal climate, your team has taken to cutting corners where they can.  Your team’s morale has taken a hit, and is struggling to come up with creative solutions to respond to RFPs where […]


Increasingly, during Richter & Company’s pricing assignments, a “Dark Horse” or “Notional Bidder” is named as a target for analysis.  As the federal marketplace becomes more cutthroat, companies are increasingly concerned about the creative pricing strategies that have been offered on recent contracts. Small businesses are becoming more sophisticated, investing in experienced business development people […]


Retail companies that are struggling often cut advertising dollars when budgets are tight.  In the Federal contracting world, Bid and Proposal dollars are often the first to face the chopping block.  In both cases, the very thing drumming up new business is cut for lack of immediate return. But what if retail stores knew their […]


Despite the fact that sequestration was set up as a “worst case scenario” incentive to encourage politicians of all walks to actually get along, March 1st marked the date of the deadline and the start of automatic “across the board” budget cuts.  The $85 billion in cuts make up about three percent of the Federal […]


Many people view “Price to Win” as a specific number.  They think of Price to Win as some sort of magic figure that will allow them to win the contract, without consideration to any other detail.  Too often, when we present our Price to Win analysis, we hear, “Well, that’s the number we have to […]


After a convoluted year for the federal government, Randy Richter, founder and president of Richter & Company, offers his insight for the coming year.